Thank you for your inquiry into Pastor Carter's availability to speak at your gathering. It is an honor that you would entrust Pastor Carter with this special occassion.

Please be aware of the following issues when placing an invitation to Pastor Carter:

If you wish to submit an invitation, please put your invitation in writing and answer the following questions as best you can. We understand that some questions may not apply to your particular event: Email your request.

General Event Information

  1. Who are the sponsors of the event?
  2. What is the vision and purpose?
  3. What is the doctrinal stance that undergirds your event?
  4. What are the dates, including the year?
  5. How many times would you like Pastor Carter to speak?
  6. How long should he plan to speak for each message?
  7. What will be the event schedule?
  8. Will you provide River City with a master-quality audio and video recording (if possible) of Pastor Carter's talks to use at River City's discretion?
  9. Who will the listeners be?
  10. How many listeners do you expect to attend?
  11. How many different churches will be represented?

Location / Travel Information

  1. Where is the location of the event?
  2. What airport would Pastor Carter fly into?
  3. What is the travel time from the airport to the event location?
  4. When do you expect Pastor Carter to arrive at your location?
  5. When will Pastor Carter be available to return to Wilmington?
  6. Will you be covering all of Pastor Carter's travel expenses?
  7. Would you consider covering the travel expenses for a male assistant to accompany him to your event?
  8. Will you be providing Pastor Carter (and any accompanying him) transportation from and to the airport? If possible, please provide contact information to be posted on our web site for the general public interested in hearing Pastor Carter speak:
      a. Phone number
      b. Email address
      c. Website address


  1. Would you allow River City to set up a table display and offer free resources to your listeners?
Please email your request. It will be a great help to us as we prayerfully consider your invitation. May the Lord be our Guide and regardless of our involvement, may He bless your event and cause you to bear much fruit.

1 John 3:1(NKJV) Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.